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  Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members are the one with an important responsibility towards policy, management and development. Each and every contribution on behalf of Advisory Board Member has a prime role for maintaining the Journal integrity. Therefore, the Advisory Board Members are cordially requested to fulfill their work effectively, so that it enables to maintain the Journal’s uniformity in all horizons.

  Roles of Advisory Board Members

 Advisory Board Members are requested to express their view regarding the article whether it falls under the Journal scope or not and whether it meets the desired publication criteria or not.
 Guidance towards the Journal to always improve the aim and scope in the relevant field.
 Exhibit your opinion on the Journal’s direction and performance.
 Provide subject-specific support.
 Explore your novel ideas to develop “Special Issues” with specific topics that will be an innovation corner for the Journal.
 Expected to work with advice on topics that should be addressed by the journal as well as the overall scope and focus of the journal.
 Your active role in Journal development.
 Promote the journal wherever possible.
 Assisting with the strategic development plan for the following volume of the Journal.
 Offering advice on Journal policy and content, and creating awareness of the Journal.

The contributions of Advisory Board Members will be a valuable fruit to the Journal.

 News and Events

  • July Issue Release
    It is an honor to share our updates with you all. We have successfully released the July issue of the Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences journal and the recent publications can be viewed on the current issue page.
  • Our Vision
    Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences (SAODS) (ISSN: 2642-1623) is working with a vision to reach maximum researchers worldwide with original and current research work on all the vital issues of Dental Sciences.
  • Submission Timeline
    Submit your articles on/before July 31, 2022, for the upcoming edition.
  • Welcoming for an Article Submission
    SAODS (ISSN: 2642-1623) delightfully welcomes the authors for submission of articles towards the upcoming issue.