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  Editor in Chief Guidelines

The Editor-in-Chief is prime decision maker for publication of an article in the journal. He is responsible for deciding which of the articles should be published. The Editor-in-Chief can contact peer reviewers in making decision. The EIC has right to evaluate manuscripts for their intellectual content without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious belief, political philosophy and citizenship of the authors.

Editor-in-chief should protect the individual information with confidential (e.g. that obtained through the dentist-patient relationship).

Editor-in-chief should take reasonable measures when ethical complaints have been arise regarding any submitted manuscript or published paper, with associate to the publisher (or society).

Editor-in-Chief should ensure that the reprint, commercial revenue and advertising have no impact or influence on editorial decisions.

  News & Updates

SAODS delightfully welcomes the authors for submission of articles towards the upcoming issue.

Authors will be issued a "Publication Certificate" as a mark of appreciation for publishing their work.