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  Managing Editors

Managing Editors manage so much, coordinating many aspects to make sure the Journal runs according to schedule. They carry multiple duties to ensure a publication gets out the door on time for readers to enjoy it. They play a crucial role right from receiving an Article to its publication in the corresponding Journal, being a communication media to all the members in the publishing house.

  Roles of Managing Editors

All the Managing Editors should adhere to the following roles and responsibilities to ensure proper functioning of the journal.

  Manage Operations

Managing a publication’s day-to-day operations is the Managing Editor’s main responsibility. He/She helps to determine and manage the processes to keep all the moving parts going toward their goal of producing a publication. The person plans ahead to avoid possible bumps, and when things go awry (as they sometimes do), it’s the Managing Editor’s turn to get things fixed. To manage all of these aspects, a Managing Editor’s planning skills are very much needed and the person needs to be able to keep calm and think clearly no matter how stressful the situation.

  Manage Schedules

The Managing Editor co-ordinates the production schedule for the publication, co-ordinating with all the key persons (Authors, Advisory Board Members, Reviewers, Editor-In-Chief) to produce the publication on time.

  Manage Assignments

The Managing Editor helps to determine content for each Volume of a publication, conducting meetings and determining which articles will go in each issue. The person makes assignments for articles, communicating the assignment parameters and deadlines and serving as a resource for questions along the way. The Managing Editor oversees and manages the co-ordination of the content and the editing process with the help of Editors and Reviewers who have roles in editing the assignments; The person is also responsible for editing each piece for adherence to the assignment and established style, correcting any errors in the writing mechanics.

 News and Events

  • July Issue Release
    It is an honor to share our updates with you all. We have successfully released the July issue of the Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences journal and the recent publications can be viewed on the current issue page.
  • Our Vision
    Scientific Archives of Dental Sciences (SAODS) (ISSN: 2642-1623) is working with a vision to reach maximum researchers worldwide with original and current research work on all the vital issues of Dental Sciences.
  • Submission Timeline
    Submit your articles on/before July 31, 2022, for the upcoming edition.
  • Welcoming for an Article Submission
    SAODS (ISSN: 2642-1623) delightfully welcomes the authors for submission of articles towards the upcoming issue.