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  Volume 2 issue 6


Volume 2 Issue 6 | May 29, 2019

Oral Habit and its Relation to Pediatric Dentition

M Zakirulla.

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  Research Article

Volume 2 Issue 6 | May 29, 2019

Prevalence of Dental Caries among School Going Children in Mixed Dentition Stage (6 to 15 Years of Age) in the Suburbs Schools of Islamabad, Pakistan

Sahar Shah , Qurat ul Ain Ayyub, Ahmad Usman Yusuf and Arshad Malik.

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  Literature Review

Volume 2 Issue 6 | May 30, 2019

For Esthetic Dentistry by Women Dentists Creating the Smile with Dental Implants

Henriette Lerner.

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  Case Report

Volume 2 Issue 6| May 31, 2019

Endodontic Treatment of a Tooth with Horizontal Root Fracture by MTA Apical Plug: A Case Report

Reza Sayyad Soufdoost and Ali Jamali Ghomi.

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  Case Study

Volume 2 Issue 6| May 31, 2019

Swallowing Rehabilitation in a Child with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy

Fellus Patrick and Lecendreux Michel.

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  Mini Review

Volume 2 Issue 6| June 03, 2019

Oral Stomodeum and the Gastrointestinal System Obesity a Second Brain Dilemma

Norman Randall Thomas*.

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